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Fixed Annuities are financial contracts with an insurance company that are designed to be a source of retirement income. They earn a fixed interest rate for a specified period of time.

Because these are long term contracts, you want to make sure the company you purchase an annuity from is solid and stable. Ask us about our company's financial stability- it's important, and we think you should know!

Don't wait to start your IRA- every day you delay

costs you money!

The cost of waiting

Compare the results of an IRA contribution established just a few months apart. What a difference a few weeks make when annual premiums are paid on January 1, May1, or September 1!
The cost of waiting on an IRA with 5.7 percent interest*

Years to Retirement January 1 May 1 September 1
40 $303,500 $297,944 $292,489
30 158,562 155,659 152,809
20 75,303 73,924 72,571
10 27,475 26,972 26,478
1 2,114 2,075 2,037

We want to help you reach your financial goals!

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